Effective 3/16/20: E-Learning and Closures

Dear St. John's Families,
    As you know, we utilize email to give you specific e-learning updates. April e-learning days include M 4/6, R 4/9, M 4/13, and R 4/16. Beginning Monday, 4/20, each week with e-learning will run e-learning days MWF, so M 4/20, W 4/22, F 4/24, etc. This would last until the Diocese/State either allows us to return to school or determines a close date for the 2019-2020 school year. E-learning will be posted by 9:00 am that day on the teacher's web page. Teachers will have active office/email hours 9:00am-1:00pm each e-learing day. Health permitting, a staff member will be on campus to answer phones and respond to emails.
    In the time of closure, Mr. Coyle may be reached at 260-749-9903, ext. 325, checking voicemail only periodically, or for faster response time by email at zachary.coyle@sjnewhaven.org checking as frequently as circumstances permit.