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Faith Formation

Faith formation is essential to our identity and mission. We want all children to know they are deeply loved by Christ our Lord, and so we work to help show them that love in all we do. We hope, more than anything, that our work can inspire a lifelong love of Christ, and desire for relationship with Him, in the hearts of all who come here. 
We're excited to offer many opportunities to help our children engage with their faith and with their own relationships with Jesus. Religion class is offered daily, and all individual classes pray daily as well. Prayers may be offered in the morning and early afternoon, or before lunch. In junior high, prayers open every individual class meeting as well. As a school, we gather for mass twice a week, on Tuesdays and Fridays, and also gather to pray the rosary each month. We have additional prayer services and opportunities for the Sacrament of Reconciliation in Advent and Lent, or on certain Holy Days. Our parish offers adoration of the blessed sacrament every Thursday, and our 7th and 8th grade gathers in church for this sacred time in prayer each week, with sixth grade joining often as well.
We also have a formal school prayer in morning and afternoon announcements, to set the stage for why we come to school and ask our Lord's blessings. Every morning, we place a particular emphasis on stating our mission pledge to become life-long learners, be taught a Christ-centered, Catholic way of life, and achieve academic success.
We work hard to prepare our students to succeed in the world, but we work the hardest and are most passionate about helping our children know how loved and how valuable they are, and to work to grow in that love, the love of our Lord, in all that we do.