Fund an SGO

Please click here to access our SGO website. Once there, please click "donate now," and then please be sure to select Saint John the Baptist, New Haven - New Haven under "select schools." This will ensure your donation comes to our students. 
SGO's, or scholarship granting organizations, are a great way to help us serve our families by remaining affordable and accesible. Our SGO exists through the Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend, and is called SGONEI (The Scholarship Granting Organization of Northeast Indiana).An SGO stands for a Scholarship Granting Organization. These have been authorized by the State of Indiana, and they allow donors to send scholarship dollars specifically to St. John's. Our pastor and administration can then award SGO grants to an individual family, following income guidelines from the State. St. John's is especially grateful to our donors who fund these for us. Without their help and support, this source of aid would not exist for us.  
Significant tax credits are awarded to donors who fund these, sometimes significantly reducing the net out of pocket cost of a donation. Please contact the school for more information on these credits.
The State of Indiana sets guidelines for how many dollars in total throughout the State may be donated this way, given the tax reductions available. In recent years, this State total has been about $12,000,000. However, this amount can be reached very quickly within the fiscal year, and once the State finds this total is met, no further donations can be made in that fiscal year. In some years, this limit is reached within just a few months, so we encourage potential donors to take quick action when this window is open. 
SGO grants are a significant, significant blessing to us. We truly appreciate everyone's help in funding this vitally important way have to ensure our school remains affordable and accessible to everyone. May God bless all of our donors and families who benefit from their incredible help!