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Admissions Process

Thank you for your interest in applying to our awesome school! There are a number of ways to get started. You can inquire online to get more information about St. John’s, directly apply online, or call the school for more information at 260-749-9903. We invite families to call and schedule a tour with our Principal, Mr. Zachary Coyle, or our Assistant Principal, Mr. Justin Pranger. We also invite families to schedule a shadow day for their child(ren), where he or she can come to our school for a day and see all of the great things that happen here. Shadow days allow one of our current students to serve as a host or hostess. Your child would shadow with the students in the grade he or she would be joining. As an example, if you were applying for 4th grade, and your child was in 3rd grade currently, your child could shadow with our 3rd grade students.


While we love to meet you in person, a tour or shadow day is not necessary to begin your application. St. John’s is proud to provide an online application system through our partner School Admin. Please click here to apply now. All application materials can be completed on this online portal, which is secure and encrypted, and your information will be stored there for your own future use. The only additional materials needed are a birth certificate for your child(ren) and a baptismal certificate if your family is Catholic. These can be scanned and uploaded online or sent in to the school via mail, fax, or physical drop-off.


Once your application is complete, we will ask your child to come to school for about an hour to take some placement tests, to ensure we have the appropriate grade assignment and learning resources in place. Your child can then be admitted by school administration, and we ask that you complete the enrollment process within two weeks of receiving notice of admission. Enrollment is also completed online through School Admin, and you will be directed to that link when receiving notice of admission. We look forward to serving your family in the future and are blessed by your visit today!