Tuition Support and Affordability

Tuition Support

St. John's offers three sources of tuition support for grades K-8: School Choice Scholarships (commonly called vouchers), SGO grants, and pastoral scholarships for parishioners. To apply for a voucher, please contact Mrs. Julie Gremaux, Coordinator of Tuition and Support for School Families, at 260-749-9903, ext. 306 or and she will guide you directly. The first two pages of your federal 1040 from your most recent tax year will be required, and other documentation may be required per state guidelines for individual family situations.

To apply for an SGO or a pastoral scholarship, please complete the FACTS Grant and Aid Application, which will require your federal 1040 form from your most recent tax year. 


The following gives more information on how each source of aid works.


School Choice Scholarships

School Choice Scholarships are awarded for a family with a direct payment to St. John's from the State and are available in grades K-8 for parishioner and non-parishioner families alike. To qualify for a voucher, families/students must meet two criteria: a voucher pathway and an income threshold. The voucher pathway is an eligibility requirement, such as having received an SGO or a voucher in a previous year. There are several pathways; please call Mrs. Castleman for detailed information on these.


Regarding the income threshold, the state sets guidelines for how much can be awarded. The public school district in which you reside determines its cost of education per child, per year. Based on that figure, families qualify to receive either 90%, 70% or 50% of that figure, given as a voucher payment to St. John's. The determination of the 90%, 70%, or 50% amount is based on family income as reported from the most recent year's tax return. The income guidelines from the State may be found at the bottom of this page.



An SGO stands for a Scholarship Granting Organization. These have been authorized by the State of Indiana, and they allow donors to fund scholarships which individual schools can then give out to individual families. To qualify, families must fall within income guidelines set by the state. Unlike vouchers, the specific dollar amount of an SGO award is determined at the local level, in our case by Fr. Nathan, our Pastor, but the minimum distribution is $500 per child. 


Pastoral Scholarships

Our Pastor, Fr. Nathan, makes pastoral scholarships available to parishioner families in grades K - 8. Funding for these comes directly from the parish. Pastoral scholarships can be awarded in conjunction with a voucher or SGO, or awarded independently.