Financial Aid and Affordability

Financial Aid

St. John's receives or generates three sources of financial aid: Indiana School Choice Scholarships, commonly called vouchers, grants from our Scholarship Granting Organization (SGO), and direct parish aid. All aid is based on income, as reported on annual tax returns. To apply for any source of aid, a family begins by complete a FACTS (our tuition management system) Grand and Aid application, which requires the most recent year's tax return. Mrs. Lisa Castleman, Director of Tuition and Financial Aid, will then work with families directly to guide them through any further steps, depending on the aid source. She may be reached at or at 749-9903, ext. 302. 


The following gives more information on how each source of aid works.


School Choice Scholarships

The State of Indiana has invested in children and families by offering them the ability to use their tax dollars to choose the school of best fit for their child. School Choice Scholarships, commonly called vouchers, are called this because the credit the state pays to St. John comes from a voucher credited to your child, based on your payment of taxes. To qualify for a voucher, families/students must meet two criteria: they must meet a voucher pathway (an eligibility requirement, see below), and meet financial criteria. 


The state sets guidelines for how much can be awarded. The public school district in which you reside determines its cost of education per child, per year. With that figure, often above $6,000, families qualify for either a 90% or 50% voucher based on their income as reported from the most recent year's tax return. In this case, a 90% voucher awards a family a dollar amount that matches 90% of your public school district's cost of education, and the 50% voucher does likewise, but at 50% of that figure. Here are the income guidelines from 2019-2020:


2019-2020 School Year


100% of Reduced

Lunch Eligibility 

150% of Reduced

Lunch Eligibility 

200% of Reduced

Lunch Eligibility 

Persons in household

Annual household income limit for a 90% Choice Scholarship (approx. $5,600/child or parishioner tuition, whichever applies)

Household income limit for a 50% Choice Scholarship*** (approx. $3,100/child applied to tuition)

Household income limit for an SGO grant (approx. $500/child or more, reviewed internally)









































***Families currently enrolled who already receive a voucher in the active school year can qualify for 50% vouchers with a higher income than those shown above – please call the school for more information.

♦Families with more than 10 persons in a household have higher income limits than those shown above – please call the school for more information.



As noted above, the State requires “pathways” of eligibility. Any family that meets the income guidelines above and these pathway requirements, listed forthcoming, would then qualify to receive a voucher. Below are the most common ways your child could qualify, again assuming your family meets the income guidelines above:

      -your child received a voucher in the current school year

      -your child is transferring here from previously attending an Indiana public school

      -you already have an older child receiving a Choice Scholarship and are enrolling

      their younger sibling(s)

      -your child is the oldest sibling and never went to Indiana public school, but received

      an SGO Scholarship in a prior year

-SGOs refer to Scholarship Granting Organizations, and these scholarships are available to any child in grades K-8, based on family income/size. A family’s oldest child in kindergarten could receive one and then be eligible for Choice Scholarship in grades 1-8). See below for more information about what SGOs are and how they work.  



An SGO stands for a Scholarship Granting Organization. These have been authorized by the State of Indiana, and they allow donors to fund scholarships which individual schools can then give out. St. John’s is especially grateful to our donors who fund these for us—without their love and support—this source of aid would not exist for us. The school maintains a reserve of donated SGO funds that can be awarded by the pastor and school administration. To qualify, families must fall within income guidelines set by the state, but these are noticeably above the School Choice income limits. Please see the table just above for the income guidelines.


SGO award amounts can vary, but are not to be lower than $500 per year. To apply, a family would begin with the same steps described above under Choice Scholarship. This means simply working with Mrs. Castleman to provide your most recent tax return (specifically the first two pages of your federal 1040 form). Our Diocese does require families to provide some further information into FACTS to qualify for an SGO, and Mrs. Castleman would walk you through these steps after receiving your 1040 pages (tax return).


Parish Aid

Although the State of Indiana and our many donors who support SGOs are incredibly generous to school children in our state, some families do find that their income falls outside the SGO or voucher parameters but still cannot afford full tuition. To apply, you would still submit your tax return via the FACTS Grant and Aid Application as noted above, and our Pastor would determine eligibility and set actual award statuses/amounts.