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Full Day Childcare for Ages 1+

We are proud to offer full day child care, 7:00 a.m. - 5:45 p.m. for children ages 1 and above. Our childcare facility is housed in our community center is run by a loving and dedicated staff. Children receive snack and lunch times, an afternoon nap, and each day frequently utilize our gym space when other classes are not in session. 
Childcare rates are very competitive when compared to our immediate market. Our 2019-2020 rates are as follows: 
Full Day, 1 Child: (7:00-5:45) - $150/week
Full Day, 2 Children: (7:00-5:45) - $225/week
3 or more children: Most of our school families find that with 3 or more children, school, rather than child care, begins for the older child. However, in the event you need childcare for 3 total children, we are happy to help. Please call Mrs. Fox (contact information is below) for rates and availability. 
Childcare generally does require a family to enroll/register for five days/week. Families may choose to attend 4 or fewer days per week, and the above rates may be broken down to $30/day or $45/day respectively. 
If you have questions or would like to enroll, please call the school for more information, at 260-749-9903, and ask to speak with our Director of Childcare, Mrs. Karen Fox. Her extension is 316; alternatively, a direct line to our childcare center is available at 260-749-9220.