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   Here you will find some of the cool things the students in fourth grade are involved in throughout the year. 





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Wednesday, May 25

The Fourth Graders did an amazing job cleaning the classroom today!  I appreciated ALL their help!
TOMORROW:  Field Day - students can dress down.  We will be starting the day with Mass.  Pizza Lunch!
TOMORROW:  Dismiss at 1:00
Thank you parents for all the support that you have given me and your child this school year!  It has been a WONDERFUL year!!!  I appreciate you and want to thank you for sharing your children with me.
Have a blessed summer!!!

Tuesday, May 24

Phonics:  pgs. 133 & 134 - Contractions
Math:  2-D figures & 3-D shapes
Reading:  Lap Books - Synonym & Antonyms
Religion:  Ch. 17 Review
Awards Ceremony TOMORROW in the gym at 8:30.  All Welcome!

Monday, May 23

Handwriting:  pgs. 72 & 73 - Sentences
Math:  The Greek Mathematician - Eratosthenes - Prime Numbers
Reading:  Lap Books - Compare & Contrast
Spelling:  test
Language:  Poetry - Visualize
Science:  Rachel Carson - pg. 182
Teacher/8th Grade Volleyball Game tomorrow at 1:30 in the gym!!!

Friday, May 20

What a wonderful day it was at Sauder Village!!!  Ask your fourth grader what they learned.  Thank you for packing brown bag lunches, chaperones, drivers, and all the support that was given to make this day possible.  I appreciate you parents!!!
Have a blessed weekend!

Thursday, May 19

Brown Bag Lunch for tomorrow's field trip to Sauder Village!!!
Phonics:  pgs. 131 & 132 - Possessives
Reading:  read 20 minutes, 2 sentences on reading log
Spelling:  spelling test will be on Monday not Friday
Our Famous Hoosiers did an amazing job at the Hoosier Wax Museum today!!! Thank you for coming. If you were unable to attend, ask your Hoosier to give you their speech and show you their display board.  They rocked it!
There was great improvement in behavior today!!! Thank you for talking to your fourth grader!  It also lets me know who reads these daily posts.  Thank you parents!

Wednesday, May 18

Phonics:  pgs. 129 & 130
Religion: pg. 279 - Ch. 16 Review - Liturguical Year
Reading:  read 20minutes, 2 sentences on reading log
Math:  Ch.13  Test - Area & Perimeter
TOMORROW is our Hoosier Wax Museum!!!! - Hope to see everyone between 12:15 - 12:45 in the library.
Parents, please remind your 4th grade student that our classroom will be a place for learning and classroom procedures through the last day of school.  Several students were having a difficult time meeting these expectations today.  Thank you for talking to your child and helping me with this concern.

Tuesday, May 17

Handwriting:  pgs. 69 & 70 - Writing Sentences
Reading: read 20 minutes & 2 sentences on reading log
Spelling:  Look, Say, Cover
Math:  tomorrow Ch. 13 Test - Area & Perimeter
Social Studies:  Hoosier Costume & Propt - DUE TOMORROW!!!
Moby Max Celebration TOMORROW - Ice Cream Sodas!!!  Great Job Fourth Graders! 

Monday, May 16

Handwriting:  pg. 68 - Writing sentences
Reading:  read 20 minutes, 2 sentences on reading log
Spelling:  3x each
Social Studies:  Hoosier Speech
Hoosier Costume & Propt due:  TOMORROW, Tues., May 17!!!

Friday, May 13

Handwriting:  pgs. 66 & 67 - Writing Sentences
Spelling:  Test
Social Studies:  Hoosier Display Boards are almost completed!!!
Please Finalize your Hoosier Costume & Propt over the weekend.  Costumes and propts should be brought to school Tuesday, May 17.
Have a wonderful weekend!!!    

Thursday, May 12

Phonics:  pgs. 127 & 128 - Irregular Plurals
Math:  NWEA Test
Social Studies:  Famous Hoosier Costume & Propt due:  Tues., 5/17
Language:  Typed Final Draft of Hoosier Report
Spelling:  study words for test TOMORROW!!!
Have a beautiful evening!!! Thank you for sharing your children with me!  

Wednesday, May 11

Phonics:  pgs. 125 & 126 - Plurals
Social Studies:  Type or write out Hoosier quote, date of birth, date of death, & picture
Reading:  read 20 minutes, 2 sentences on reading log
Hoosier Invitations were sent home today!!!
ILEARN testing is completed!

Tuesday, May 10

Handwriting:  pg. 63 - Z & z
Math:  pgs. 752, 753, & 754 - Ch. 13 Review
Reading:  read 20 minutes,  2 sentences on reading log
Social Studies:  Type or hand write 5 interesting facts for Famous Hoosier for Display Board
Famous Hoosier Costume & Propt
Moby Max Point & Pizza Celebration TOMORROW!!!! 

Monday, May 9

Handwriting:  pg. 62 - Y & y
Spelling:  3x each
Reading:  read 20 minutes, 2 sentences on reading log
Math: Ch. 13 Review pgs. 749-751
Social Studies:  Type or write out the Name of Famous Hoosier & 8 events for Timeline to add to display board.
Sauder Village Permission slip & $8.00 DUE WEDNESDAY!
Start gathering costume & propt for Famous Hoosier Wax Museum.

Friday, May 6

Spelling:  Test
Handwritinging:  pgs. 60 & 61 - Writing Sentences
Social Studies:  Type or write out facts for Hoosier Display Board
Science:  Ch. 4 Lesson 6 - Fossil Fuels WS
Hoosier display boards are due Monday so we can start assembling them in class.
Start gathering what you will be wearing for your Famous Hoosier for the Wax Museum.
Saunder Village Permission Slip & $8.00.

Thursday, May 5

Phonics:  pgs. 123 & 124 - Plurals
Math:  pgs. 747 & 748 - Problem Solving
Reading: read 20 minutes & 2 sentneces
Spelling:  study words - TEST Tomorrow
Social Studies:  Start typeing or writing out facts to attach to display board
Hoosier Display Boards due Monday - We will start assembling our boards in class on Monday.  What does not get done in class will need to be completed at home.
Sauder Village Permission Slip & $8.00 due Wed. May 11