Spelling words

Unit 1


Week 1- The Blackout Week 2- Henry on Wheels Week 3- Look Both Ways Week 4- Garden Party Week 5- Making a Map Week 6- Quinn the Vet
not set
a sit got met hug bit
see mitt cot pet tug quill
his miss pot net dug will
is we by up as go
am do are two he me
at the was that to for
mat one you have with here
sat like look they three where

Unit 2


Week 1- Life as a Frog Week 2- Life Cycle of a Sunflower Week 3- How do Baby Animals Grow? Week 4- The Long Sleep Changes Week 5- Bigger Shoes Week 6- Too Many Pups!
step sack ask ship came hide
trip tack mask shop cake fine
stem luck went fish make side
snap stack pond thin name dine
snug sick ramp trash take bike
stop black held thick some like
snip back felt bath bake ride
trap stuck and crash shake hike
my she use all four into
saw take blue too five don't
help walk from her ride know
jump think goes part many
what this make your after

Unit 3


Week 1- The Ant and the Grasshopper Week 2- Clever Monkey Week 3- Poodle Doodle Week 4- The Cow & the Tiger Week 5- Thumbs Up Week 6- Now What?
whale joke see my ring or
catch rope me silly bring form
graph hope tree try pink torn
inch stone we fly sing sore
chin rose she why song more
which bone be cry think storm
match broke he by thing score
check those three puppy rink store
no be or now grow so
put of out down full eat
good old who there find play
said why live drink under their
round could work together around some

Unit 4


Week 1- Through Georgia's Eyes Week 2- Jackie Robinson Week 3- Before the Railroad Week 4- Our Flag Week 5- Eleanor Roosevelt Week 6- A Place of the Past
car her faster cow boy baby
star girl fastest how join city
far bird slow chow spoil cities
card dirt slower out boil living
jar hurt slowest loud coin babies
hard turn shorter owl toy givinhavingg
dark birth shortest sound soil baking
sharp any our ground joy may
new pull away soon been give
found very light both does right
thank were never read words other
please every pretty again carry number
always       going  

Unit 5


Week 1- Every Season Week 2- Seasons Around the World Week 3- In Spring Week 4- My Autumn Book Week 5- Signs of Winter Week 6- Spring Rain
toe high fruit mild robot book
grow sight clue kind cabin full
coat might threw hold melon good
toast fright blue most begin put
boat light new old label shook
doe night juice mind topic stood
snow flight crew gold seven pull
yellow bright glue host hotel push
buy done off move warm mother
about once open only today father
would upon laugh learn world picture
write wash because eight years another
people water sentence house should through
Holiday Words
Dr. Seuss
MLK/ 100th day
Christmas Words
wacky king Christmas
birthday free Santa
thing dream cookies
socks speech merry
fish school Epiphany
March of Savior
zoo march shepherds
across   nativity