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Kid Business

For Social Studies, we took a project-based learning approach to learning Economics. Students learned all about the needs and wants of people in a community, characteristics of a successful business, design and planning, creating persuasive advertisements and slogans, money management, giving change, and learning about the cost of a business. Students really showed their level of understanding by coming up with creative shops that other students would to visit. Though the children loved the idea of making the big dollars, they did a great job coming up with affordable prices!


On the day they officially opened for business, students arranged their items in an appealing way and also recited their commercials for all to hear. The purpose of this was to draw buyers to their shops, which worked! Students had their business open, but would close to go shop around. While shopping, students used their math skills to give back change.


Overall, the students had so much fun participating in their Kid Business! Check out some of the pictures from our day.

2020-2021 Class
2018-2019 Class