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Mission and Belief Statements

Our mission is to help each student become a life-long learner, be taught a Christ-centered, Catholic way of life, and achieve academic success. 

Our belief statements support and form our mission statement. St. John’s Catholic School New Haven believes that:


- Our school is an integral part of the Catholic Church's mission to proclaim the gospel, build a faith community, and serve others.


-Our school, as an expression of the Church's beliefs, traditions, and sacramental life, serves as both an educational community and evangelizing community.


-Each child is created in God's image; therefore we are committed to the concept that all children can learn.


-Our school provides an atmosphere filled with the Holy Spirit that affirms the dignity of all persons.


-Our school is committed to an academic excellence, which fosters the intellectual development of our students and teachers.


-Parents are the primary educators of their children and that our school assists parents in meeting their responsibility of educating their children in the lifestyle and teachings of the Catholic Church.


-Our school is committed to maintaining close, positive communications and relations with our students, parents, and parish community.


-Our school believes in the responsible use of technology. Students need clear guidance, through Christ, as to how to best use this powerful force for high school and the modern workforce. With this however, total technology use in time and scope must be limited and monitored so that children can engage in meaningful relationships, professional dialogue with their teachers, and engage with real-world manipulatives. Student screen time generally should not exceed more than 90 minutes per day.